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FTB translation agency in Kiev, Ukraine - multifunctional linguistic service, offering translation of texts, articles, documents, videos, websites, as well as oral, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

The modern world is multilingual. If you want to integrate your life or business with different countries, our company will help you do it.

Translation Agency in Kiev - Professional Documents Translation and Interpretation

Our translation agency is trusted by thousands of organizations among which

The diversified focus of our translation agency

FTB translation agency is more than just a group of highly qualified translators. We are experts in various areas, immersing ourselves into the intricacies and specificity of various industries, constantly increasing our qualifications and professional knowledge. This allows us to handle materials of any specialization. We meet the needs of customers from various industries:

  • banks and insurance companies
  • government agencies
  • law firms
  • energy and engineering
  • production
  • transport and logistics
  • medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • wholesale and retail trade
  • advertising and marketing
  • IT industry
  • other

Guarantees of our translation agency

1. Quality is our main creed

FTB translation agency offers a wide range of high-quality translation services. We extremely value our reputation; for us every word matters, therefore we pay close attention not only to the quality of the translation itself, but also to the work process. To ensure a quality result, we focus on 3 components of our business.

Professionalism of employees

All translators undergo a rigorous selection process: interview, testing, evaluation. Additionally, we employ only trusted editors and experts. We create designated groups for specific disciplines, as well as dedicated teams for our regular customers. This allows us to achieve high quality translations.

Each translation undergoes a comprehensive assessment:

  • according to LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) standards
  • according to the results of feedback from the customer

Based on the results of translator evaluation, a rating is assigned for the quality of their work, efficiency, and responsibility. This allows us to dedicate best specialists to each task, ensuring that your work is completed by the most qualified professionals in a timely manner.

Workflow efficiency

The processes in our translation agency are clearly structured and debugged. All stages of the project are supervised by responsible employees, conducting thorough verification of every phase, after which the quality of the completed translation is assessed.

Given the possible risks, we factor in a slight time gap, but since the work is handled by highly qualified specialists, it is always a minor time gap.

Reliability and functionality of technologies

Our translation company has a large arsenal of technologies for automating the work of translators and coordinating projects. We employ specialists with knowledge of computer programs, which allows them to manage various types of files, so you can submit documents in a format of your choice. The format of completed work can also be tailored to your specification.

2. Confidentiality

Your complete confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We guarantee that any information contained in the documentation you provide will be used exclusively in the process of our work. We also keep information related to customers, their employees and their activities in strict confidence. This rule is strictly observed while working with any type of translation and at all stages of interaction with our customers.

All these guarantees are fully secured with non-disclosure agreements signed by the employees of our company and the Customer.

All original documents are always returned to the customer, and any unneeded supporting materials or drafts are destroyed in customerโ€™s presence, with the exception of glossaries of terminology supplied by the customer to optimize the speed and quality of translation. These materials, with the consent of the Customer, are placed in a separate, secure database, access to which is available only to the translation agency staff.

3. Convenient service and transparent process

Clients of our translation agency have the opportunity to place an order and receive a ready-made translation without leaving their office. We can deliver the order anywhere.


The customer service manager finds out all possible requirements and wishes of the customer. When ordering interpretation, we familiarize ourselves with the format of the event, and accept source materials and available glossaries from the client. Upon receipt of an order for translation, we collect information about the users of the translated material, its purpose, as well as requirements for using this translation. As a result of communication with the client, the manager creates a dossier for the order and passes it further along the chain.

Work with translators

The HR manager selects translators, editors, experts for a specific task, clearly assigns responsibilities, and establishes the interaction of project participants, according to the planned schedule. All work is monitored to insure uninterrupted performance and quality. Such parallel translation mechanism with simultaneous editing significantly reduces the project execution time. All work is monitored and checked for cleanliness, quality and correspondence to the source material. In some cases, at the discretion of the manager, the translation may be subject to a full review by the editors.


The editors work on translations within their area of expertise. This ensures that the terminology of the materials is consistent with glossaries and terminology database. The high level of experience of our editors in their respective fields ensures that verification of the finished translation is carried out promptly.

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