Software localization in Kyiv Ukraine

Experts of the FTB translation Bureau offers you services of software localization by companies engaged in development and implementation of high-tech decisions in the area of information technology and systems, managerial and IT consulting.

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Software localization in Kyiv Ukraine от Translation bureau  в Киеве

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Core types of translation in localizaiton field:

  • minutes, standards and technologies;
  • intellectual insulation systems in engineering systems;
  • telecommunication system and queuing system;
  • protection and production processes automatization;
  • client-server architecture application;
  • software, functional equipment.

Today localization of any software products is a necessary requirement of their appearance on an international market. Foreign end consumer is waiting competent and qualitative translation of an interface and reference materials from your program. He would like to know the date and time in the acceptable format, customization according to local units of measurement, convenient sorting of alphabetic lists.

In practice it can be said that the highest level of trust a foreign consumer credits to the product responding to all regional standards in full. This market is very competent, and the consumer can afford to be demanding expecting the best operability. The First Translation Bureau possesses both the experience and excellent references. We value our reputation, hence, the team of professional specialists will execute your order on the software localization at the highest level.

What is the difference between software localization and single translation?

Localization is full product customization to all cultural peculiarities of a country target language.

Localization comprises:

  • translation of a user interface, necessary documents and reference systems;
  • software customization to the country standards;
  • functional check of the product in accordance with the needs of target audience;
  • study of a possibility of translation use for target audience: symbols, pictures, color combinations and etc.;
  • final assembling, challenges and debagging of a local version.

The level at which the FTB translation Bureau performs the software localization shows that both translation and technical problems solution successfully executed by us are equally important.

Our company specializes in realization of translation of medium- and large-sized projects. We offer you effective decisions on linguistic support of your business.

Software localization in Kyiv Ukraine

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