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Translation of documents is not just a careful word choice in a foreign language, but also appropriate formulation of each sentence taking account of all grammatical rules, delivery of an idea. Herewith, a text must be readable, comprehensible, and must not cause a sensation of that it was written in a foreign language. Our translators are ready to offer you a service of translation of documents at the highest level as we strive to comply with all the required norms and rules. Our team of professionals who are involved in the translation of documents possess enough knowledge and skills to perform their work competently.

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Translation of documents от Translation bureau  в Киеве
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We perform translation of documents of any subject areas:

  • Personal documents (driver's licenses, certificates, CVs, passports, recommendations, references);
  • Medical documents (health certificates, clinical trials, examinations);
  • Legal documents (appeals, agreements, state acts, contracts);
  • Economic documents (invoices, commercial offers, procedural regulations, reports);
  • Technical documents (manuals, schemes, technical literature, drafts);
  • Scientific documents (graduation papers, theses, scientific works, articles, research papers);
  • Advertising documents (announcements, brochures, projects, magazines, slogans);
  • and other

Additional information:

  • On request, translation can be edited and proofread by a competent native speaker.
  • We also perform formatting and layout of the document translated, for example, translation of inscriptions of schemes and diagrams.
  • If you have a translation already made, but have doubts concerning its quality, we can edit it for you.
  • If layout is not troublesome, we will do it free of charge.
  • We will help to finalize translation in a bilingual format for free.

Time frames:

If the number of pages does not exceed 3, we will complete translation on the same day without extra charge for urgency.

Standard number of pages to be translated comprises up to 5 (1800 symbols with spaces) per day. Call us beforehand, and we will see you without waiting in a line while your order will be executed within the shortest time possible.

Prices for translation of standard personal documents

Quite often while submitting personal documents of foreign origin to the various institutions or providing documents in other countries require their certified translations. At the First Translation Bureau you can get written translation of all necessary personal documents performed professionally and at a reasonable price, as well as notarize any of them.

About translation of documents, personal and official

We translate any personal documents into more than 20 languages, including: - passport (passport for traveling abroad), driver's licenses, pension certificates, power of attorneys; - marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, marital condition; diplomas, high school - diplomas, transcripts, proofs of student status; - certificate of good conduct (no criminal record); - death certificate, certificate of ownership, consent letter for a child travelling abroad; - certificates of employment, labor record books, and many others.

The process of translation of the important documents such as passport, diploma, certificate of birth, high school diploma, power of attorney, labor record book, certificate and other personal identity documents means translation of personal documents.

Demand for translation of personal documents

Today, almost every person has close connections within international affairs. People like travelling abroad, are actively engaged in studying and working in foreign countries. Citizens of foreign countries are also getting better acquainted with Ukraine, willing to see it as a country in which they can successfully implement all of their professional and creative potential. This international way of development creates the need for qualitative and timely translation of documents.

There are many cases when an urgent translation of personal documents is required in order to: give consent for a child travelling from Ukraine abroad to get an education, sign the notarial contracts, employ foreign citizens, update professional skills or internship in another country.

Pecularities of translation

For the most rapid and convenient work, we performing translation of personal documents, divide them into groups. Thus, the translation of standard documents is processed quickly enough, and therefore the price for the work is reduced. The standard documents include various official documents, the amount of which does not exceed one page and issued by the public authorities such as Civil Registry Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Education and Science, etc.

Standard documents:

  • Passport, identity card;
  • The certificates of birth, name change, marriage, and other (without Apostille);
  • Driving license, tractor operator license, etc.;
  • Information on criminal records, on income, student status, employment, etc.;
  • High school diploma, diploma (without transcript), professional card and others.

More voluminous and complex documents are non-standard, respectively the cost of translation will be different. Among others there are: - PIT certificate; - Approving documents for purchase and sale, consent letters for a child travelling abroad; - Student record books; - additional extracts from diplomas, certificates of completion of various courses or any educational institutions; - Powers of attorney; - Labor record book, its appendices, and others.

As a rule, to use personal documents in other country the only translation will not be enough. The documents must be also sealed by a translation bureau or notarized; and a separate group of documents requires legalization by a consulate. It should be noted that performance of such operations, translation of personal documents must be made by a translator obtaining special education and officially enrolled in the notary list. In other words, to transfer certificates, references, visas and other personal documents more effectively one should immediately contact a professional translation company.

What we offer

The FTB translation Bureau performs qualitative translations of personal documents into any foreign language. Having great experience in the orders of translation of personal documents of all types, we guarantee the quality of implementation and observation of all legal technicalities while working with such documents. You can always count on our professional staff that will perform competent translation with a precise indication of numbers and personal data.

The FTB translation Bureau also provides emergency assistance, offering prompt translation of personal documents. Exceptionally urgent types of translation are such documents as birth certificate, passport details, diplomas, etc. To find out more about the cost of translation of various documents, please, visit our web site, or the company office in Kyiv. When translating, we also provide such important services such as: confirmation of translation by a company seal, notarization, apostille, legalization by a consulate and other methods.

Translation of documents

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