Translation of high school diplomas (diplomas) in Kyiv Ukraine

Translation of diplomas and transcripts may be required when going abroad for work or study. In order a translated diploma has force within the territory of a foreign state, it is necessary to make a so-called certified translation, i.e. notarize the translated diploma. Most foreign organizations require a diploma to be translated in this particular way. Sometimes it is required to affix Apostille stamp on the translated diploma in order to assure the authenticity of the signature of the notary and the seal.

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The price includes:

  • A copy of the document;
  • The translation of a document;

Additional information:

In case of nostrification (approval) of academic credentials, we are ready to help you to translate them and finalize them correctly. Along with the translation we can arrange notarial certification of the copy of the document.

Time frames:

Standard term for translation of a document is 1 business day or more depending on a target language. If there is a minor business, we will complete the translation even quicker without extra charge for urgency. These services can be rendered within an hour depending on a target language. Call us beforehand, and we will see you without waiting in a line while your order will be executed within the shortest time possible.

About translation of diplomas and transcripts, high school diplomas

There are many students willing to continue their education abroad as there are many experts going abroad in order to improve their professional qualifications. For them the translation of diplomas and the translation of the transcripts are necessary conditions for further study. There is a growing number of labor migrants such as representatives of blue collar jobs as well as representatives of white collar jobs. In this case the translated diplomas will be prerequisites for working abroad.

Translation of diplomas in Kyiv, as well as translation of transcripts must be performed by an experienced translator, as it is necessary to translate not only the text in the document, but also inscriptions on stamps and seals. Apart from that, names of disciplines, a variety of special terms in the translation must always be checked by editors having highly specialized skills in a certain area. The First Translation Bureau located in Kyiv offers its services of translation of different academic credentials (translation of diplomas, transcripts, high school diplomas, etc.). Experts at the First Translation Bureau will help you to: - translate any academic credentials (diplomas and transcripts, high school diplomas, official academic transcripts, etc.); - affix the translated document by the bureau seal and Apostille stamp, if necessary; - notarize the translation and certify it by a consulate.

Our specialists competently and efficiently perform the translation of diplomas and transcripts, and then the editors, possessing the most profound knowledge in a particular scientific field, check the terminology. Cooperation with notarial offices simplifies the translation process and subsequent notarization of documents greatly. The First Translation Bureau will quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price perform any academic credentials.

Translation of high school diplomas (diplomas) in Kyiv Ukraine

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