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Written translation is a work involving transfer of meaning of the written in one language with the help of linguistic means of another language in the written form taking account of grammatical, stylistic, and lexical peculiarities of the target language. Such type of translation requires specific expertise and educational background. By contacting our company you will receive a written translation of high quality. As far as we are confident in our professionals who are time proven experts in their fields possessing enough knowledge and experience to perform the works to the highest standards. Contact us, and you will receive the order fulfilled not only of the highest quality, but within the specified time limits as well.

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Written translations in Kyiv от Translation bureau  в Киеве

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  • On request, translation can be edited and proofread by a competent native speaker.
  • We also perform formatting and layout of the document translated, for example, translation of inscriptions of schemes and diagrams.
  • If you have a translation already made, but have doubts concerning its quality, we can edit it for you.
  • If layout is not troublesome, we will do it free of charge.
  • We will help to finalize translation in a bilingual format for free.

Time frames for written translation in Kyiv

If the number of pages does not exceed 3, we will complete translation on the same day without extra charge for urgency.

Standard number of pages to be translated comprises up to 5 (1800 symbols with spaces) per day. Call us beforehand, and we will see you without waiting in a line while your order will be executed within the shortest time possible.

Prices for written translations of texts in Kyiv

Today, translation is an integral part of a company’s activities. It is not a one-time demand, but constant necessity. Without translation it is impossible to imagine establishment and development of business relations with foreign companies, entry into world market, and simply communication among people.

It is important to understand that the quality of translation plays an important role as it is your business card on a business arena. We have formed a written translation service package aimed at the support and development of your business throughout the activity.

About written translation of texts

Written translation

We, a team of professionals of the FTB translation, strive for becoming your long-standing business partner, and thus, we have put together teams of highly specialized translators working in the following fields:

  • It and telecommunication
  • Finances/economics
  • Law
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Technological documents
  • Medicine
  • Private documentation
  • We are ready to solve any of requests on linguistic support of your business activity. Based on needs of every customer we develop an individual scheme of the order fulfillment. We are ready to consider any order, and start working on any issue for your business!

Urgent written translation

Each of us is familiar with the situation when a solution must be reached immediately. For example, an urgent written translation from a foreign language is needed. When addressing to a translation bureau in Kyiv, as in any other city, one would like to rely on the receipt of a timely result of a high quality of the written translation ordered. Usually one has to choose what is more important: to get the translation quickly or to have it of a high quality. If you need an urgent written translation of an important document with the observance of these two conditions, it does make sense to address a professional translation bureau, where a large amount of work will be done with ease within the time limits specified.

In this case one should keep in mind that the urgent translation of a text requires an increased attention. Hence, it may be concluded that such work cannot be cheap. If you plan to address a translation bureau, you must know that ordinary prices increase by 40-60 % in view of urgency of the execution of your written translation order. Herewith, one should think twice before entrusting such type of work to a bureau offering a lower price. In the result you are at the risk of receiving a poor translation.

Urgent translation of texts can be obtained for not less than five-seven US dollars per one page. There is a direct dependence between a translator’s qualification and a quality of the final result of the translator’s work, as well as the dependence between the price for this type of work and urgency of the fulfillment.

Our translation bureau has a great number of highly qualified translators and proof-readers who will fulfill urgent written translations into and from foreign languages with ease and pleasure preserving reasonable time frames suitable for a client. Also, our company may offer notarial certification of translations, and provides with an opportunity to place Apostilles on your document. Thanks to Apostilles any noncommercial document becomes legalized.

Having entrusted the fulfillment of the above mentioned types of work to our company, you will be pleased with the result. We guarantee quality of the provision of written translation services at affordable prices and strictly within the time frames indicated.

Written translations in Kyiv

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