Medical translation in Kyiv Ukraine

Medical translation is a very complicated and specific type of activity. That is exactly why only professional translators should render this service. From our part we are ready to offer you the services of medical translation as our highly qualified employees have the necessary knowledge in a medical field as well as know the respective terminology. To translate medical texts the knowledge of a language is not enough. One must also be aware of the peculiarities of the medical field as it is extremely important to understand and interpret the text being translated appropriately. By addressing our company be sure you will get a professional medical translation.

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Medical translation in Kyiv Ukraine от Translation bureau  в Киеве
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Subject areas:

  • certificates;
  • medical assessment reports;
  • documentation for medical equipment;
  • diagnoses.

Additional information:

  • On request, translation can be edited and proofread by a doctor.
  • We will help to finalize translation in a bilingual format for free.

Time frames:

  • If the number of pages does not exceed 3, we will complete translation on the same day without extra charge for urgency.
  • Standard number of pages to be translated comprises up to 5 (1800 symbols with spaces) per day.
  • Call us beforehand, and we will see you without waiting in a line while your order will be executed within the shortest time possible.

Prices for medical translation

Translation of medical documents is a translation of informational texts of medical, pharmacological, biological, pharmaceutical content. Based on the particularities of each field translation of texts is performed taking account of special terms significant only for this field.

There are several varieties in medicine: diagnostic process, research study, therapeutics, dentistry, psychiatrics, surgery, gynecology and many other branches. The complexity of translation process of the texts is conditioned by the fact that each branch has its own vocabulary and terminology and hence, the experience of dealing with the similar texts, knowledge of medicine field and terms are obligatory features of a good translator.

Also it should be kept in mind that the translation of certificates or medical reports must be performed according to the standards of text formatting.

About medical translation and translation of documents

Popularity of medical translation nowadays

As medicine is a fast-growing science, and foreign professionals not only consulting Ukrainian colleagues on different aspects, but exchanging experiences take part in it actively. All these will be accessible only in case of medical texts, medical assessment reports and various certificates being translated correctly.

Charectiristic features of medical translation

There is a great number of special terms and expressions, as well as abbreviations and neologisms that put translators in challenging situations while translating the texts in the medical field. In order to avoid misunderstanding which can lead to negative consequences, a translator must arrive at a text under translation with the best judgment, and study additional literature in this field.

Advantages from cooperation with our company

In the FTB translation Bureau in Kyiv you will meet experienced specialists ready to offer you translation of medical texts of any complexity. They deal with translation of such texts as health certificates, patient medical records, scientific articles, instructions for medical use, etc.

Translation of medical texts has several stages: primarily analysis of the text, specification of the terms and vocabulary, the process of translation, editing of the translated text, payment for the work. As we understand all the seriousness of our work we will perform your orders with full responsibility. To proof our skills we present certificates and diplomas recognized all over Europe.

In the First Translation Bureau in Kyiv you can get translation of medical texts almost into any foreign language.

FTB translation perform translations of medical texts of the following areas: Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, Dentistry, Surgery, Cardiology, Psychology, Psychiatry, and many others.

Translation of medical texts has its peculiarities, among others there is a perfect accuracy of data interpretation in the documents being translated. The First Translation Bureau offers the services of translation of medical texts and guarantees a high quality of the work. 

The First Translation Bureau deals with medical translations with special responsibility as someone's health or even life may depend on the quality of the translated. We guarantee you will get any translation of the highest quality possible from our Translation Bureau.

Medical translation in Kyiv Ukraine

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