Oral interpretations, interpretation of negatiations in Kyiv Ukraine

Oral interpretation is an accurate transference of the main idea of an utterance performed in one language with the help of certain language means of the other language taking account of all grammatical, stylistic and lexical peculiarities. For today there are oral simultaneous interpretation — being performed in the same time with the utterance, and consecutive interpretation — being performed just after the utterance. It is obvious that respective knowledge, speed and competence are required to perform these types of interpretations. The experienced specialists of our company possess all the above mentioned qualities.

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Oral interpretations, interpretation of negatiations in Kyiv Ukraine от Translation bureau  в Киеве

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Our advantages:

  • best consecutive interpreters having real experience and possessing special skills
  • selection of performers complying with the knowledge and subject area
  • any thematic directions
  • any amount of specialists required
  • the base of performers which is constantly recruited

Additional information:

Oral interpreters of the First Translation Bureau possess the highest qualifications and vast experience both in Ukraine and abroad.

Interpretations are possible at the following arrangements: - business negotiations - telephone conversations - consulting events - presentations - exhibitions - excursions - meeting in the airport, accompaniment to the hotel - court proceedings - during completing a business deal, etc.

Prices for interpretations, urgent oral interpretation in Kyiv In order we can find a specialist fully complying with your requirements, please, provide us with maximum details for the service of "oral interpretation": the theme of delivery/performance, composition, style and format of the event, etc.

You can send us a preliminary request for the service of oral interpretation by filling in a short application form in the section "Place an order online"

About oral interpretation in Kyiv, urgent oral interpretation

Different moments happen in life. Sometimes, to understand and solve various issues we lack understanding of a foreign speech. These days, where representatives of various countries interact with each other closely, language barrier can be a large-scale problem for people who do not know foreign languages.

The FTB translation Bureau in Kyiv will help you to settle this issue with pleasure. The service of urgent oral interpretation provided by our company on a short basis is at a qualitative level, as it is rendered by specialists who know their business. Today English, French, German, and other languages ​​are available for you.

What is urgent oral interpretation?

Sometimes, customers addressing a translation bureau require help of an interpreter. It seems simple, but urgent oral interpretation comprises two tasks: organization and translation. Many companies work with freelancers, hence, a personal meeting with the interpreter is almost impossible.The First Translation Bureau differs from others in the way we have interpreters of various foreign languages hired. So, if you need urgent oral interpretation from/into a foreign language of the high quality, our experts will not let you down.

What is purpose of the oral interpretation?

Urgent oral interpretation is usually required at meetings, presentations and conferences. Sometimes a person who knows a foreign language is needed for accompanying or concluding various notarial agreements.

In addition, the FTB translation Bureau in Kyiv provides the services of interpretation of audio and video, simultaneous translation, translation of various specialized areas, as well as other addressing other issues related to foreign languages.

Oral interpretations, interpretation of negatiations in Kyiv Ukraine

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