Translation to/from Turkmen ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ฒ in Kiev

Translation bureau offers translation services for texts, articles, documents, videos, sites, as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in Turkmen language or from ะขurkmen. We professionally translate any materials: legal, financial texts, all types of technical translation, interpreting, translation of personal documents, legalization and apostille services, proofreading and editing of translated materials, etc.

Price for translating into Turkmen or from ะขurkmen

Of course, all potential and current clients of our translation agency are interested in the issue of price. We are ready to advise you and specify what the cost of translation from / to ะขurkmen will be. It is very important for us that each client clearly understands the principles by which the price for translation from / to Turkmen is formed by our bureau. In the final figure there are several components, and factors that can increase the cost. First of all, recall that the unit of the tariff is a page that corresponds to 1800 characters with spaces.

What can lead to an increase in the price of a translation to/from Turkmen?

  • The cost increases depending on the volume. This is the most obvious factor, but not the only one.
  • Working with some languages is objectively more difficult and translations into them are also more expensive.
  • There are also extra charges for urgency. Performing high-quality translation in accelerated mode requires more effort and experience. An urgent tariff is a translation of 1 settlement page or more within 1 business day (8 hours) after a written confirmation of the order and prepayment. The cost of translation at an urgent rate is calculated with a premium of 100% in addition to the cost of translation from / into the above language.
  • Also, for a fee, editing and proofreading by a native speaker, editing of ready-made translations is possible.

We work exclusively with highly qualified certified translators who have at least 3 years of experience in the field of translations and are thoroughly versed in the subject of the source text. Owing to the presence of professional and experienced staff, as well as the presence of an extensive network of trusted freelance translators with excellent recommendations and characteristics, each of which specializes in a small range of related topics of translation, owns specialized terminology, Translation bureau ensures and guarantees the correct translation of materials on any of the above topics. We specialize in the translation of texts, materials and documents of small and large volumes while maintaining the unity of terminology and style - this is extremely important in the subsequent work with the translated material.

Translation bureau provides its customers with timely and professional service in compliance with all agreements. The impeccable reputation and the mass of positive reviews of our company are proof of constancy and responsibility for the work performed.

Our bureau will arrange your translation to Turkmen language or from ะขurkmen as soon as possible and at minimal cost, and our staff will leave you a good mood and a positive result. Leave your applications, and we will contact you shortly.

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Our translation agency works with such languages
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